Enlargement of Praia Central can increase the value of real estate in Balneário Camboriú by up to 30%

published in 10/02/2021 12:02 Balneário Camboriú

The American consultancy Appraisal Institute published a study that indicates that for every 10% of space added to the sand strip of a beach, the appreciation of the price of real estate in that location grows by 2.6%. The study took into account the enlargement carried out on the beaches of Garden City and Surfside Beach, in the United States.

Considering that in Balneário Camboriú the expansion project is twice the size of the current strip of sand, the projection is that the price of properties will grow between 20 and 30%.

For the market and marketing director of FG Empreendimentos, Altevir Baron, in addition to bringing more comfort to residents and tourists, the project also has the advantage of offering more space along the sand strip for leisure facilities and tourist attractions.

“The civil construction market has been growing exponentially in recent years, positioning Balneário Camboriú on the route of major investments, as was the case with the FG Big Wheel and so many other equipment that are contributing to the region's growth. With the widening of the strip of sand, we will have an extra attraction to position the city and attract more and more capital to the region”.

The restructuring work of Praia Central de Balneário Camboriú has been expected for decades and aims to protect the beach and return to the original strip of sand from the 1950s. According to the city hall, the expectation is that by March the construction site will be ready and dredging work can be started.

Data on the recovery of the Praia Central sand strip

The objective is to return the shore to the same conditions it had in the past.

Estimated sand volume: 2.155 million cubic meters.

Average length of beach width: 70 meters, currently 25m.

Size of Praia Central: 5.8 km.

Sand to be used: deposit 15 km from the coast.

Estimated duration of the work: six to nine months.

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