Balneário Camboriú é a cidade com maior valorização imobiliária

published in 14/04/2022 10:04 Balneário Camboriú

The city won the title of city with the most valued square meter

The city of Balneário Camboriú, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, won the title of city with the most valued square meter, in a survey that evaluates 50 cities in the country. The new FipeZap index was released and the city appears in first place in the ranking. It is worth noting that until September 2021, Balneário Camboriú occupied the fourth position in the FipeZap ranking, in December it rose for the first time to third place, leaving Brasília behind. And now, in March 2022, it moved to second place, very close to the appreciation of the commercial heart of the country, São Paulo.

The city is the scene of major investments, such as the recent widening of the waterfront, which is already reflected in the appreciation of real estate. The president of FG Empreendimentos, Jean Graciola, highlights that the company has already registered a 67% increase in value on the sea front after the enlargement. “In addition, the civil construction market has been growing exponentially in recent years, positioning Balneário Camboriú on the route of major investments. What's more, we are increasingly attracting a new investor profile and opening up to foreign capital", he highlights.

The city appears in the survey with an average price of R$9,888 per square meter, with São Paulo in second with R$9,831 and R$9,701 in Rio de Janeiro.

According to survey data, variation for 2022 is 5.16%. In 12 months, the increase was 24.93%, also according to the survey. This last number is four times greater than the national average variation. Taking into account the 50 cities, the increase in 12 months was 6.10% in the country. If we analyze the last four years, the city of Santa Catarina recorded a 45.3% rise in prices in the accumulated until March 2022.

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