Fazzenda Park Hotel closes first half of 2022 with high occupancy

published in 05/08/2022 12:08 News

The recovery of the hotel sector has brought great results to hotels and resorts in the country. In Gaspar, in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina, Fazzenda Park Hotel has stood out for its performance, closing the first half of 2022 with record occupancy and package sales. The farm hotel, which is considered the best in the country, draws attention for its structure, gastronomy and service, in addition to thematic packages, internal productions and national attractions.

“Fazenda has attracted audiences who are tired of staying at home, who want to have fun. Earlier this year, with the summer vacation package, we were able to reach maximum occupancy, bringing families from all over the country. At Easter, our Uruguayan public, who have a long holiday there, also chose us to enjoy family moments”, says Antonio Coradini, commercial and marketing manager at Fazzenda.

Another great leverage of this occupation, according to Coradini, is the hotel's participation in several fairs of the tourist trade. "The fairs are the moment to show the quality of 'paradise' to sales representatives from all over the country, which helps a lot in the dissemination of our spaces and the attractions that are part of the programs". Along with this, new marketing actions help to publicize the main packages that Fazzenda offers, in view of the Fazzenda “blitz” and partnership with important commercial establishments in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

In addition, the hotel also offers thematic packages. Each month there are different themes that fit the commemorative dates, such as the Easter packages, which were held in April, Mother's Day in May and the June and July packages, which brought the Festa Junina in their theme. The programs are designed for the whole family, with interactive activities and special presentations produced by Fazzendásticos – Fazzenda's recreation team.

National performances are also an important part of the resort's schedule. Singers like Daniel and Alexandre Pires, and country duos like Gian and Giovanni and César Menotti and Fabiano, are some of the figures who have passed through the Fazzenda stage with their shows. “We try to bring in artists that speak to our audience and many of them always come back for other performances. Daniel, for example, has been here several times and will be here again at the end of this year”, concludes Coradini.

About Fazzenda

With more than 20 years in the hotel market and being part of the FG Brazil holding company, Fazzenda Park Hotel has been consolidating itself as the best farm hotel in the country. There are more than 2 million square meters of leisure areas that can be used throughout the year, recreation teams prepared for the entertainment of adults and children, with thematic shows produced by themselves. In addition, gastronomy is highlighted by the varieties and care given to this area.

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