FG Empreendimentos seeks new technologies for the development of civil construction in Brazil

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As one of the largest construction companies in the country, FG Empreendimentos, from Santa Catarina, is one of the pioneers in high-performance construction technology. Operating in the luxury market and focusing on high-end projects, the company, in addition to developing the real estate market and promoting the destination where it undertakes, is also one of the companies that invests most in the development of technologies and modernizations for civil construction. A partner of large companies that also sign the largest skyscrapers in the world, the construction company recently sent three professionals on an upgrade trip. The FG Empreendimentos team was in Mexico, Israel, Holland and Germany.

With the exchanges and new technologies that we are already implementing, we will have an advance of 10 years in 2. And this will not only be reflected in the projects signed by FG, but will generate a leap in the entire market and production chain.

, but it will generate a leap in the entire market and production chain”, highlights the president of FG, Jean Graciola.

Engineers André Bigarela and Gustavo Simas were in Mexico to learn about new technologies for construction elevators and the importation of technology for the use of several cranes in a single tower.

The use of cranes is already part of our construction process – a reality that is not well structured in the country. The verticalization of housing requires the use of equipment suitable for all the challenges imposed by a work, therefore, increasingly narrow spaces and a growing need for industrialization of civil construction, have made cranes indispensable equipment on construction sites for the movement of large loads.

, explains FG engineering director André Bigarella.

Cranes in civil construction are able to keep up with the pace of growth in the sector, as they bring more efficiency, versatility and the ability to transport various materials, without taking up much space at the construction site.

The use of cranes adds safety and also reduces the execution time, which is reflected in the sustainability of the work”, comments Gustavo Simas. While in Brazil the use of cranes still collides with the cost factor, as they are seen as cost generators, abroad it is very common to use them, even in the construction of houses and in taller buildings we find more than one piece of equipment. "To further accelerate the execution of our next projects, we are also bringing the use of multiple equipment in a single tower

, completes engineer Gustavo Simas.

Also in Mexico, Brazilian engineers took a tour of the hotel segment to learn about the facilities and technologies of the customer experience, in addition to getting to know the Mitikah La Ciudad Viva, with 68 floors, 267 meters high and approximately 98,000 m², a multipurpose development and a of the highest in Mexico.

In Israel, engineer Bigarella went to visit the Bermad pressure reducing valve factory.

This is one of the main systems of an enterprise. So, we have made a technical update on hydraulic control valves, pressure zone distribution, pressure reducing valves, potable pump applications, water storage tanks and reservoirs, fire protection pressure reducing valves and a new safety system. , sprinkler, for engine rooms

, explicou. Além disso, ele visitou a Torre Azrieli Sarona, com 61 andares, 238,5 metros de altura sendo o edifício mais alto de Israel.


Na passagem pela Holanda e Alemanha os profissionais visitaram a fábrica da Wavin, no Brasil chamada Amanco Wavin, a primeira empresa do mundo a criar tubulação de pressão de PVC, em 1955, em Zwolle, na Holanda. Fornecedora de soluções inovadoras atua nos mercados predial, industrial, infraestrutura e agronegócio em vários continentes e detentora do propósito Construindo Ambientes Saudáveis e Sustentáveis. 

We are bringing first hand to South America a new system of flexible pipes and connections for hot and cold water installations in buildings, which is already being used in Europe and the USA and recently launched in Mexico. It is a system that, in addition to bringing greater productivity to the work due to the practical method of installation, has a differential that allows the installer to check for leaks in the installation with greater ease through an audible warning that the connection emits when it is accidentally incorrectly installed.

, explains engineer André Bigarella.

Another product that the company is bringing to the projects is the quieter sewage pipe, focused on acoustic comfort, less waste generation during installation and greater productivity and direct and indirect gains for the work, such as greater resistance and quality in the project. This is the first PVC solution created to reduce the noise problem in hydraulic installations.

Noise reduction with a focus on well-being is one of FG's premises. These new technologies are already being implemented, as we carry out a review of all our projects

, completes Bigarella.

In Germany, applied engineering manager, Stéphane Domeneghini, was at Wilo, a European manufacturer of pumps and pump systems for the building technology, water and industrial sectors.

This is the company that already works with us on the One Tower project, in the pressure pumps. In addition to getting to know their new solutions, we visited one of the most innovative buildings at Wilopark, the digital factory 4.0, a state-of-the-art production complex, in addition to carrying out exchanges with other companies focused on high-rise buildings, mainly with technologies for supertalls, or i.e. buildings over 500 meters high

, comments Domeneghini.

On this visit to the factory, the manager of applied engineering at FG had the opportunity to get in touch with the Technological Development team that will bridge the gap with Ed's technical team. Lakhta Center, which today ranks as the tallest building in Europe and which in 2020 was recognized with the Emporis Skyscraper Award, which elects the best new supertall buildings in the world upon completion. This bridge was possible because part of the supply system of this large enterprise includes solutions from Wilo.

Another important point to highlight on the trip was the knowledge acquired about architectural details and, mainly, about solutions for the development of cities, a new look at urban solutions. This is a very advanced field in Europe, and FG Empreendimentos, since its foundation, has been investing and participating in city solutions for Balneário Camboriú, as it has in its DNA the promotion of the destination and development of the localities where it operates.

, finaliza Stéphane Domeneghini.

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