FG Empreendimentos breaks sales record and awards employees in an exciting meeting in Balneário Camboriú

published in 22/04/2022 11:04 Events

On April 20th, on a Wednesday afternoon, FG Empreendimentos, one of the largest construction companies in the country, which focuses its efforts on luxurious developments and which has been expanding its reach in the national and international market, gathered its employees to present the company’s last accounting period results. It also presented some of the company's new and future projects. In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, CEO, Jean Graciola anticipated the fact that the company would launch the world's largest residential development in 2022.

The name of the event which was coordinated by the human resources department, was “Família FG” (FG Family), which reinforces the company's pride in its family origins and consolidates its trajectory of how it has increasingly become a more professional company. The presentation was made by President Jean Graciola and during his speech, Jean stressed that everyone is driven by challenges and for those who dream, not even the sky is the limit. “This has always been our motto, it’s become something my father insists on reinforcing every single day. During the past recent years we have been driven by the will to overcome and to reinvent. 2020 was quite the intense year - we were able to overcome a pandemic by reinventing ourselves and by transforming the way we interacted with our customers”, commented Graciola.

Jean presented an overview of the luxury market segment and also an overview of the company's numbers. “In 2021 FG had a 1.63 Billion operating Sales Volume performance, with a revenue of over BRL 921 million, registering a 128% growth if compared to the results presented in 2020. It was also 68% above the goal that had been established by the board”, Jean commented. He adds to that pointing out that the year of 2021 had one of the best results in the history of FG. “In the luxury segment, quality and exclusivity are just one of the differentials. Since we are an extremely capitalized company, audited by one of the world’s “Big Fours”, we directly finance over 90% of our transactions, which positions us even more in this segment, and makes it clear that the company's focus is on solidity and sustainability. ”.

Currently, 1,250,000 square meters of the company’s lands are under construction and the projection is that in three years FG will triple in size. “In 2022 alone we will launch four new projects with over BRL 5.8 billion in Sales Volume”, he stresses.

In addition to that, FG’s CEO announced its profit share payment, distributing BRL 1,300,000.00 among its employees. “We are confident in our ability to overcome challenges, which has allowed us to achieve extremely positive results during the past years. The results reflect the implementation of strategic pillars and the respect we have for people, the environment and for safety matters. Since 2018, we have seen our segment grow even stronger and in the last three years we have acheived grand results. And none of this would be possible without the dedication of each and every one of our employees, from all areas, without distinction”, he commented.

The company's CEO finished his speech by emphasizing that even after the current moment, the company will continue to seak new challenges.“If there is a way to overcome the marks left by 2020 and 2021, it is by realizing that our destiny is a collective one and that in order to see better days, one has to depend on one’s ability to learn to walk together in the same direction”. This is the true meaning of the FG Family.

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