Discover the opportunities for properties, not necessarily built by FG, that arrived at our bank through negotiation of other projects.

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61 listed enterprises

61 enterprises

Barra Garden Ap1001 avaliable
Barra Garden R$ 3.076.000,00
Barra Garden Ap1701 avaliable
Barra Garden R$ 3.176.000,00
Fachada avaliable
Garden Village R$ 987.400,00
Fachada avaliable
Garden Village R$ 1.050.000,00
Gran Felicit Cob  Duplex 2700 avaliable
Gran Felicità R$ 19.900.000,00
Peniche Ap 2001 Fachada avaliable
Peniche R$ 2.761.000,00
Rio Jordo Sl02 Fachada avaliable
Rio Jordão R$ 729.800,00
Fachada Do Imvel Modelo avaliable
Salvatore Residenziale R$ 2.222.000,00
Villa Florence Ap601 Fachada avaliable
Villa Florence R$ 3.190.000,00
Ilha De Creta01vagavimaq avaliable
Ilha de Creta R$ 450.000,00
Mont Royal Ap 1001 avaliable
Mont Royal R$ 1.100.000,00
W Residence Ap806 avaliable
W Residence R$ 420.000,00