FG quality management: the highest standard

FG Empreendimentos plans and builds its projects with the highest quality standards. The development of the projects and the execution of its projects are extremely rigorous, following the Brazilian Technical Norms and the local legislation. The demanding FG Quality Standard is supported by the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements since 2012 when it was awarded the certificate for the first time. All guidelines, processes and standards are designed to deliver a final product of the highest quality to our customers.

The FG quality management system

Widely disseminated through the company's processes, the FG quality management system has established practices in:


(alteration) of the apartment by the customer: the FG customer has the possibility to customize their unit, allowing greater adaptation to their specific needs.


of launches and their projects: associating modernity with innovation and compliance with technical standards and legislation.


of the FG construction system: with procedures that align the complete execution of the enterprise (foundation, structure, superstructure, systems and finishes).


internal and external: they are carried out every year in order to promote the continuous improvement of processes, verify the level of compliance with internal procedures and ISO9001 requirements, both in the works and in the administrative sectors.


and development of the execution workforce: every team is trained in FG executive procedures as soon as the services start and is monitored in order to maintain the standard required by FG.

Inspections and surveys

of the services performed in the works: from the beginning of the work until the delivery of the enterprise, several inspections are carried out in the services of execution of the works, thus assuming a preventive posture and guarantee to the FG standard.

Inspection of materials

used: in order to guarantee the specified level of quality and act in the development of providers (suppliers).

Tests and trials

are also carried out during the execution of the project, aiming to guarantee the specifications, legislation and FG standard.


of the construction sites: with a visual pattern that facilitates the identification of the enterprise and the logistics at the construction site.

Quality policy

Develop, incorporate, build and sell high standard projects in the Civil Construction segment, through innovation and continuous improvement of processes, aiming to expand sales operations, exceed customer expectations, engage employees in a culture of quality and meet stakeholder needs*

*Stakeholders: Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Investors, Partners, Financial Institutions and Government.

quality objectives

1. Commit to exceeding our customers' expectations

2. Increase sales performance operating in the national and international market.

3. Engage employees in the culture of quality

4. Seek continuous improvement of processes

5. Ensuring profitable growth

6. Build with technological increment

7. Pursue financial and environmental sustainability